Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Traditional Detached House in an exclusive area

Unique in our times,  independent two-storey house, which has been erected in installments, ie the level of the ground floor has been erected about 75 years ago and has dramatically expanded the level of the upper level and has been completely renovated about 30 years ago. It is built primarily with walls of stone, and features sloping wooden ceilings and above have tiles.
It's total area enclosed spaces around 335m², comprises reception room, two living rooms, dining room, kitchen, toilet foreign, hostel, sanitary room with bathroom (jacuzzi type) toilet and bidet, desk - living type Tzamarias-patio and covered terraces on the ground floor and a bedroom with separate dressing room and toilets, a large room with plumbing provisions, which may be separated into two individual rooms and a large covered terrace, which locally has become a closed space at the level of ANOGIA. Moreover, it should be noted that because of the magnitude of the building, has built a small intermediate level between basements and loft level at which there is a service room with individual toilets and other facilities.
The house has mostly parquet floors and marble, and has partially preserved traditional marble, while glazing are single and / or double in a wooden frame (some of which folding), with wooden Persianis abroad. The house is served by underfloor central heating, air conditioners (wall - units and split- units), hot water system and alarm system.
It should also be noted that access to the upper level and intermediate level is achieved via internal metal staircase, and additionally has an external lift in the north side of the building, which connects the two levels. Further, it should be noted that with appropriate design of the ANOGIA level may be extended further to the east.
In the northwest of the site where an external auxiliary building area of about 35 square meters, which consists of the hostel on two levels (which communicate with metal staircase) and toilets with shower and toilet. Furthermore, adjacent to the building in question is specifically designed covered area with barbecue, benches and utilities.
Generally the house is fully fenced and landscaped with grass and various ornamental and / or fruit trees.
It should be noted that the house is in good physical condition and maintenance, while much of it is shaped according to the needs of the present owner.